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Supro Plastic Molding is dedicated to providing on-demand custom plastic molding services to the automotive, medical, and industrial industries, and is a one-stop manufacturer of full-service plastic molding solutions for projects with highly complex structures, high-precision requirements, and artistic surface appearances.

Mold Tools Design Services

Rapid Prototype Services

ISO 9001 & TS 16949

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Custom Plastic Molding Supplier

Supro Plastic Molding Manufacturing is an industry-leading plastic molding and tooling design and manufacturing service provider specializing in the design and manufacturing of precision plastic molded parts for automotive, electrical, electronic, optical, medical, household, and industrial OEM’s.

Supro Plastic Molding Manufacturing provides one-stop plastic molding services to 300+ buyers from all over the world. We provide one-stop plastic molding manufacturing services to 300+ buyers from all over the world, supplying high-quality, high-complexity, and low-cost plastic molded products according to customers’ needs.

Plastic Molding Services

Plastic Injection molding

25 tons-1200 tons of precision injection molding capacity easily meets the demanding needs of 20 industries.

Plastic OverMolding

Offers a wide range of metal materials such as copper alloy, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc. to be inlaid and formed in the mold.

insert Injection molding

Silicone is wrapped around the exterior of plastic molded parts to achieve products that are functional and aesthetically pleasing, such as non-slip, cushioning, and flame retardant.

Micro Injection molding

High precision injection molding, commonly used for precision parts for medical and electronic equipment.

2 Shot Injection Molding

Two plastic materials are fused together as a whole, and the splicing of materials of different materials or different colors is done simultaneously inside the mold.

3D Printing Services

FDM & MJF & SLS & SLA and many other 3D printing technologies support the most economical rapid prototyping process.

Precision CNC Machining

High-quality, low-cost rapid prototyping with ±0.02mm high-precision tolerances and complex shapes in as little as 2 days.

Precision Metal Stamping

High-quality, low-cost rapid prototyping with ±0.02mm high-precision tolerances and complex shapes in as little as 2 days.

Custom Mold Tools Making

one-stop service for mold design and manufacturing, high quality molds with more than 20W injection molding times as well as small capacity molds.

Material Solution of Plastic Molding Services

Supro Molding offers a robust list of material options to support a full range of material solutions for buyers in a variety of industries.


PMMA (Acrylic)

Delrin (POM)

Garolite G-10




Polycarbonate (PC)




Ultem (PEI)



Nylon (PA66 & PA6)



Polypropylene (PP)



Why Choose Supro-Molding?

Founded in 1999 and located in Shanghai, China, we have an unparalleled leadership position in the field of plastic molding and mold design and manufacturing technology. With quality certifications such as ISO9001-2015 and TS16949, we can provide your projects with more efficiency, ease and cost-effective plastic molding supply chain needs.

Our professional technical team, advanced manufacturing equipment, and scientific manufacturing process system make our manufacturing services recognized by very many buyers, including: precision injection molding, inlay injection molding, two-color injection molding, micro-injection molding, precision CNC Machining, mold design and manufacturing, Vacuum casting, 3D printing, precision stamping, and other one-stop manufacturing services.

Molds & Parts Design Services
Engineer Technical Support

At Supro Molding, a team of professional plastic molding experts can submit solutions for product design and mold design based on product requirements and inspirations, helping you to turn your inspirations into reality.

If you already have a preliminary design, our team of experts will evaluate the product design and make cost-effective recommendations and optimizations based on the application of the product as well as the expected quality standards, maximizing product quality and ornamental artistry, and maintaining low-cost operations.

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Model flow analysis support
DFM Mold Tools Review Services

We are proactive in providing healthy and sustainable plastic molding solutions to all our customers, evaluating all production processes from part design, material selection, mold design and manufacturing, high volume manufacturing, etc. Moldflow software makes it easy to review the feasibility of plastic molding mold design solutions from different perspectives, and to identify more design flaws, error details, etc. as early as possible, and to resolve them quickly.

Supro Molding’s goal is not only to provide high-quality molds, but also to give products with higher economic efficiency from the perspective of product functionality and artistry, so that your project can get the potential of sustainable development.

Rapid Prototyping services

We provide our customers with flexible product validation through rapid prototyping processes such as 3D printing & plastic Vacuum casting. Through prototyping, we can more intuitively confirm the flaws and functionality of a product’s design. Through prototyping, we can more intuitively identify the flaws and functionality of the product design. We can quickly turn inspiration into reality, present your design ideas to your users, and bring you more market potential advantages.

We utilize state-of-the-art prototyping technology to reproduce 100% of the details of your creative inspiration. And it’s a very efficient manufacturing process that can be completed as early as the same day.
The rapid prototyping is your best choice before investing on a large scale.

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Low Volume
plastic molding Production

Supro Molding caters to talented designers and entrepreneurs from all walks of life without minimum order quantities, reduces investment pressure and risk, and relies on advanced manufacturing processes and technological resources to deliver high quality products that meet all buyers’ expectations and always maintain cost-effective factory quotes.

We appreciate creative design inspirations, as well as design works with unique styles, and actively help designers and engineers to realize their works.

Many small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and artists from all over the world have received great technical support and assistance from Supro Molding, and we believe that “Extraordinary Inspiration is the most important driving force for the progress of mankind”.

Quality Control Team

Supro Molding has a professional QC team and quality control system, from raw materials, mold manufacturing, mass molding production and secondary processing (surface treatment, CNC machining) will be subject to our quality control, all products will be manufactured in accordance with the quality standards of automotive plastic parts.

We have developed a perfect internal quality control process in accordance with the quality standards of ISO 9001 and TS16949 to ensure that we can provide you with high quality, high precision, and high service life plastic molds, and well-made plastic molding parts with a tolerance of ±0.01mm, and are very happy to submit reports and test documents to you, including: material, dimensions, finish, and draw slope.

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Talk to our team of experts,
choose Supro Molding to start your new project.

Plastic Molding Products Applications

Our plastic molding manufacturing capabilities meet the demanding requirements of a wide range of industries.





Hardware Tools

Children's toys



Client's Recognition

Customer’s recognition is the driving force of our development.

Miranda Snyder

I am very happy with the service provided by your company, the quality is outstanding.

Harold Harrison

Your customer service is truly top notch and the staff is always patient and professional.

Debra Reyes

I was amazed at the efficiency of your company and how quickly the order was processed!

Kyle Romero

Thank you for the support and help you have given us, we feel very relieved in our cooperation.

Plastic Molding case studies











    We are plastic molding manufacturer, now totally we have 87 workers.

    We expert moulds for 110 countries, our main markets are America,African , European and Middle East. 

    We have 18 CNC machine, the tolerance is ±0.02mm, and 7 high speed CNC machine, the tolerance is ±0.002mm.

    Now we can make around 900 sets mould per year. In 2018 we make 659 set moulds, 303 sets bucket moulds and 356 set other moulds.

    Yes, we have 20T, 60T, 80T ,90T,160T,250T,320T,390T,400T,450T,650T,800T injection machine for mould test and production.

    If some spare part broken, we will send you new one. If the mould quality problem, we will repair and pay the ship cost. Or we make another new mould to you free.

    We specialize in custom plastic molding products manufacturing for more than 20 years, we have rich manufacturing experience and technology, usually we can produce products of any structure and requirements. Suitable for all kinds of industries, please provide your design files, our expert team will analyze your products in detail.

    We have our own in-house mold factory, we refuse any process of cutting corners, from design to manufacturing in our own factory, without any middleman, so our mold price is 20%-30% lower than many foreign trade type companies, submitting the real factory quotation to you.
    (It is well known that many unscrupulous companies will use low quality materials for mold manufacturing, resulting in very low quotes, but the molds do not meet any industry standards and are very easy to damage. This is why choosing a mold maker is a very important part of the process)

    Of course, this is one of our most important services and it is free of charge. We actively provide these technical supports, including: model flow analysis, DFM, etc. If you need our technical support, please contact us immediately. If you need our technical support, please contact us immediately and we will provide all technical resources without reservation.

    Of course you can, although we will make a few adjustments to your molds to match our equipment, and once this is done we can produce the product you need. (We would appreciate it if you could provide us with the original mold design, it would be very helpful.)

    Yes, we can do that, but we need you to provide us with a detailed drawing of the mold design and the design that needs to be changed, and we will analyze your mold to better meet your needs for new products. (Supro Molding is an experienced plastic molding mold maker, we know the latest technology in mold making, and we have a strong engineering team).

    Of course, we don’t do any order limits. We understand that a lot of products are not responded to by the market, and a large investment will drag down your financial base and bring a huge financial risk.
    At Supro Molding, we encourage all product development and design, and we can use the most cost-effective manufacturing solutions to help our customers reduce risk and save money, while not making any quantity limitations. Focus all skills and resources on the quality of the product. We prefer to be a technically oriented company that is helpful to our smaller customers.

    Of course, our team of experts can give you the right material solution based on the functionality of the product and your requirements, and we are good at using characterizing materials (adding cost to make a material better).
    Having trouble with your project? Talk to our team of experts and you will get free help at Supro-Molding.

    Yes, we finish all the color matching through our professional engineers, if possible please provide the Pantone color number or RAL number you need. If not, please contact our team to give you the color card for your selection.

    Of course we can, we have our own sheet metal bending, stamping and cnc machining factory and we can also buy the fasteners you need.

    Usually we will finish the molds in 3 weeks – 4 weeks, and the production of different batches of plastic molded products in 1 week, but it is also subject to the complexity of the products.
    We also accept rush orders, please discuss with us how soon it can be delivered.

    Of course, the mold belongs to the customer. After the sample is confirmed and the quality of the mold is approved by the customer, we help the customer to store and regularly maintain the plastic molding mold, the ownership of the plastic molding mold belongs to the customer, and we will guarantee the safety of the mold and protect the copyright of the customer’s products.

    T/T or L/C is workable to you, normal we accept T/T 50% with order, and the balance before the shippment.

    You will benefit from our technical support.

    Chat with our team of experts about your query.

    Let us submit the most cost-effective factory quote.

    One-stop on-demand plastic molding manufacturing.

    Unrivaled on-time delivery of high quality products.

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